Apr 262010

Hung Cop Strip Searches and Fucks Hairy Thief

Sexy, bearded Dillon Buck plays a detective charged with the interrogation and strip search of Ulysse, a thief who he believes is hiding some diamonds. The hung cop takes Ulysse into custody and they head into a prison cell for some questioning. The thief isn’t being very co-operative, so Buck decides to convince him. He orders Ulysse to bend over the table, then Buck pulls down the thief’s pants. Doning a pair of rubber gloves, the cop goes searching for the diamonds.

Cop Strip Searches the Thief

But Dillon quickly loses track of what he’s doing when Ulysse squats down and starts swallowing Dillon’s huge cock. And it’s a whopper! Over 9.5 inches long and super thick. But this thief makes Dillon’s big dick disappear, just like he made those diamonds disappear. And he loves every inch of that big cock, especially when the hung cop slides it deep inside and fucks the thief’s ass.

Cop Fucks the Thief


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