Feb 192010

Football Jock Bound Forced to Suck Cock & Fucked in Bondage

HOT Update from Bound Gods! Brenn Wyson has been hired as the new creepy janitor at Bound Gods and he finds lots of interesting things in the old creepy janitor’s bedroom. It doesn’t take much to push Brenn to the dark side. Soon Brenn has his eyes on Trent Diesel, the football jock. Of course, the arrogant jock Trent doesn’t want anything to do with Brenn. But Brenn decides that he will fuck this musclular jock in bondage whether he likes it or not. The football jock soon finds himself in stripped and whipped in tight bondage…

Football Jock in Bondage

Brenn decides to take photos while the poor jock is forced to suck cock and fucked while bound.

Football Jock Bound & Fucked

Check out all of the hot gay men in bondage at Bound Gods.


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