Feb 172010

Prison Guard Dominates his Muscular Prisoner in Gay Wrestling & Fucking Match

Sadistic prison guard Alfredo Castaldo loves to dominate his muscular prisoner Max Summers. First he forces his prisoner to do push-ups as a punishment while the guard yells and tries everything he can do to cause hard times for poor Max.  Max has enough and tells Alfredo he is nothing without his stick and weapons so Alfredo challenges him to a wrestling match.

Prison Guard Wrestling Prisoner

The two guys are very skilled wrestlers so its a pleasure to watch them fight. Alfredo is much smaller so he needs lots of dirty tricks to dominate Max but finally he defeats the 250 pound giant with his dirty tricks and high endurance. He deep throats Max then fucks him in every possible cruel way. Prison fucking without mercy for our muscle man’s burning hole…

Prison Guard Fucking Prisoner


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