Mar 292011

Star Athlete Forced To Suck & Fuck By Abusive Coach

Alright, Guys — Admit it. You’ve all had this same fantasy, or some variation thereof, where there’s a studly muscled coach keeping a star athlete back for a private “workout.” And it usually involves a ripe jockstrap, a shower scene and some hardcore fucking in the coach’s office. Well, guys, this video has all that and more! Your cock is going to spring to life as soon as your eyes set on hairy tattooed muscle top Nick Moretti as the nasty, perverted coach. Then you’ve got Blake Daniels as the All-American virginal blond stud athlete. Nick’s a baseball coach and apprently, Blake hasn’t met up to Coach’s standards so Blake gets a private workout session. Coach forces Blake to strip down to his ripe jockstrap as Coach eye’s Blake’s sweaty bubblebutt. Coach forces Blake to hit the showers and sneaks a sniff of the athlete’s jockstrap and strokes his cock and gets so horny, he has to do more!

Star athlete kept back for private workout.

He punishes the jock too and spanks his ass in the locker room while fonding his virgin ass. He gets his tongue deep in there as the baseball stud is shocked to experience. It doesn’t stop there. Coach Nick explores Blake’s ass with a baseball bat, fixes tit clamps on the kid, and forces him to suck Coach’s cock. Then he ties up his star athlete and promptly, and roughly, fucks him in his office and on his hard wooden desk. Watch out, fellas. You’re gonna shoot more than just one load watching this hot video. Highly recommended for sure!

Abusive coach forces athlete to suck cock and fuck.


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