Mar 062011

Jock Foot Fantasy

Hogtied Jock Tickled & Tortured With Smelly Sock

Brad is a smooth, clean-cut dark haired jock who is hogtied and completely restrained by a hot muscled and goateed stranger. Brad is hogtied on a bare mattress, fully clothed, but is apparently wearing some smelly white tube socks. His sexy, muscled captor decides to inflict a different type of torture when he removes Brad’s smelly sock and forces him to sniff it. Brad is not happy with this and repeated yells, “Fuck you!” at the guy through his gag. The sexy top man is in charge, however, and continues to torment Brad’s toes and feet by licking and tickling them while Brad struggles to get free from the ropes that bind him. You can’t miss what happens at the end of this perverted foot fetish romp! Check out the preview video above and visit Jock Foot Fantasy for more.


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