Aug 092012

Fetish Force

Element Zaps Andrews Cock with the Violet Wand

Element and Kurt Andrews are playing with the violet wand – Element applying it to Andrew’s sensitive nipples while Andrew screams and laughs. It’s all fun and games for Andrew until he lowers his jeans and Element zaps his cock head! Ouch! Element says “I’m sorry” by shoving his massive cock down Andrew’s mouth and fucking his ass. Check out the preview video above and visit Fetish Force for more.


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Aug 262011

Bound Gods

Hot Stud Drake in Tight Leather Spread-Eagled Bondage

Hot tattooed stud Drake Jaden is already trembling in his tight leather spread-eagled bondage when Dom Leo Forte enters the room. Leo wastes no time in removing Drake’s only piece of clothing his boxer briefs revelaing his already hard cock. The dark dom proceeds to spit of the white sub’s nice cock and balls and dishes out a riding crop all over Drake’s bound muscular body. Thne its some for some crazy intense electro play on the poor captive’s nipples, still hard cock & balls, and even an electrified dildo shoved up the sub’s ass while still in his spread-eagled bondage. There is a lot more in store for Drake from his dark master including wax play, flogging and a fucking scene you’ve got to see to believe. This is one of Bound Gods better gay fetish videos!!! Check out the preview video above and visit Bound Gods for more.


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May 272011

Muscle Boy Bound for Hot Ball Crushing Session

Muscle stud Eric Michaels returns to Shotgun Video for an intense bondage and cbt session with two dominant masculine doms. The muscle boy is masked with leather hood and bound spread-eagled to the bed with rope, cuffs & chains giving his tag-team masters easy access to his soon to be tortured balls.

Eric Michaels Bound Spread-Eagled

Roger uses all of his devious tools available on the helpless stud including clothes pins all over his sexy body, a clear ball crushing vice and separate metal vices for each of his balls. Eric really suffers through this one and we get to enjoy his muffled cries throughthe mask and watch him squirm in his bondage in this hot gay cbt fetish scene!

Muscle stud endures heavy ball crushing


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