Aug 032012

Fetish Force

New Comer Gets Tied Up & Initiated with a Piss Bath

Tony Buff is hanging out at his local leather bar regaling his kinky weekend with his buds when newcomer Kurt Andrews walks in for a drink. Tony decides that Kurt needs to be initiated to the gang and gets all of his friends to help out. The tie Kurts hands together and bend him over a bar stool then quickly cut away his shirt and jeans leaving the nervous stud ass up in his white jockstrap. The bar patrons finger Kurt’s ass and shove their cocks down his throat. Then the cover him with a major piss bath and fuck the moaning stud’s helpless ass. Welcome to the gang Kurt! Check out the preview video above and visit Fetish Force for more.


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Jul 052011

Fetish Force

Black Stud & White Boy in Hot Piss & Fuck Scene!

Here’s a hot interracial piss and fuck scene from Fetish Force featuring black muscle stud Race Cooper and white boy Kennedey Carter. First Kennedey gets a taste of Race’s hot piss and suck’s the stud’s big black cock. Then Kennedey has his turn – pissing all over Race and spanking & fucking his ass before taking his turn to bottom for Race’s big black cock. Hot piss fetish scene! Check out the preview video above and visit Fetish Force for more.


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May 292011

Stag Homme

Hot Bathroom Fucking Scene from Stag Homme!

There’s a lot of action going in the bathroom stalls at Madrid’s Mad Hunter’s Club and now we get a front row seat. Damien Crosse and Valentino are enjoying a piss in the urinals of this late night haven and can’t resist enjoying a little action of their own. Valentino quickly goes down the the tattooed muscle boy’s big cock showing off the adonis’ incredible physique. Soon the hot studs are swapping blowjobs and move into the toilet stall for some hot fucking action while other patrons do their business to the hot sounds of these two going out at. They fuck long and hard before shooting some nice loads then returning to the party. Check out the preview video above and visit Stag Homme for more.


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May 162011

Straight Kickboxer’s Ordeal Continues with Butt Fucking Machine

Kickboxer John’s hell ordeal continues when his bound with his cock tied to his barefeet and his ass up & exposed for some heavy ass. The straight jock fighter first gets fingered by his sinister captor then his virgin straight ass gets roughly fucked by a fucking machine.

Kickboxer bound ass up

The kickboxer endures having his cock played with and jacked, clothes pins on his forskin and balls and the humiliation of getting pissed on by his captor. This jock is really suffering through this!

Kickboxer gets pissed on


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